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"Living one day at a time, in the real world, in the unconcern of tomorrow...

Here today, there tomorrow, walk around with tousled hair, the skin kissed by the rain, caressed by the wind or blushed by the sun...

Suddenly become a nomad girl, a wilding woman, a bohemian girl, without worries and artifices, just being linked with the nature.

Sometimes eccentric, unpredictable, artist : brushing sand from your tunics and your flowering dresses, laces, scarfs, ethnic bracelets, long necklaces, Creole earrings, headbands, ...

Add a light fresh apricot pink blush, dress your lips up with a satin beige or coral style, intensify your eyes with a black or lazurite kohl...


And finally, skim your skin and your hair with a drop of an essence of orange blossom and exotic Tiare flower or a warmth evocation of a delicate Sherry Baby Orchid, a Crystal Peony and a Cotton flower.


And so we dance, we sing, we love, we assume our sensuality, we smile, we frown, we suffer, we live.

just free...

Enclose your life and your routine into brackets, put your problems in a cage, and feel free to go back to the essentials of your nature. Capture your spirit so it can travel - somewhere else - we're at home everywhere..."

Serguei Chatel

05.Serguei Chatel.jpg

Serguei Chatel

Art Director / Make up Artist /

President & Partner


Régis Sylvestre-Chatel

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Administrative and Financial Officer / Partner

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